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Sunday, May 29, 2022
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What is the Pelvic inflammatory disease treatment - Zaib Hospital Lahore

PID is an inflammatory and infectious sickness, bacteria that is sexually transmitted spread into your uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes through the vagina. General symptoms of the pelvic inflammatory disease treatment are the Pelvic ache that radiates towards the stomach. An unusual vaginal discharge or pain during intercourse or urination.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment

According to our Chinese female gynecologist:

We have the best gynecologist in Lahore at Zaib Hospital Lahore. She has well experience in her gynecology field, she provides you with all the Pelvic inflammatory disease treatments with the help of traditional herbal Chinese medicines and advanced Chinese technology.

How to diagnose PID?

To diagnose PID, doctors generally do a physical examination to test for symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease and test for STIs. If you assume that you may have PID, see our Chinese doctor as quickly as possible. When you have pain in your lower stomach, our physician will take a look at for unusual discharge from your vagina or cervix.
  • Pelvic examination.
  • Cervical analysis of cervix infection.
  • urine test
  • pelvic ultrasound
  • endometrial biopsy
  • laparoscopy

What are the causes of PID?

Any vaginal infection that you will ignore and leave undiagnosed will lead you to a higher risk of developing PID. Bacterial infection expands through the cervix into the uterus towards the fallopian tubes. Following are some non-sexually transferred infections that result in pelvic inflammatory disease from bacteria already present in the vagina moved up in the uterus:
  • IUD testing of the lining of the uterus
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Giving birth to a child.
  • Expulsion of the fetus.

What are the symptoms of PID?

Early signs and symptoms of the pelvic inflammatory disease might be not so noticeable but as this infection get worse you can have the following syndrome:
  • Pelvic area pain along with abdominal aching.Pelvic Inflammation Treatment
  • Vaginal discharge has an unpleasant odor.
  • Bleeding through uterine after or during sex or in between menses.
  • Fever body aches along with chills.
  • Feeling of fullness in the stomach.
  • Vomiting and nausea feeling.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.

Treatments for PID infection and Pelvic inflammation Disease:

If you will not get treatment for PID infection then sooner or later it will lead you towards infertility. At Zhong-Ba hospital we provide some efficient surgical and non-surgical treatments with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and the latest technology. Pelvic inflammation treatments will depend on the severity of your infection.

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