Cervical Erosion Treatment Lahore | Cervix Cervical Treatment in Lahore

Cervical Treatment in Lahore

How to Treat Cervical Erosion in Lahoreļ¼Ÿ

How to treat cervical erosion? Cervical erosion is now a familiar gynecological symptom, and the treatment of cervical erosion is also more and more. Let us understand the treatment of cervical erosion in Lahore. 1. Physical therapy. Following are the steps for cervical erosion treatment in Lahore.

Some Steps for Cervical Erosion Treatment:

(1) Laser treatment. The tissues of cervical erosion were irradiated with the special laser treatment head to make the tissue carbonized, scab and shedding, and then grow new squamous epithelial cells. Laser treatment is the best treatment for cervical erosion in Lahore at ZhongBa Hospital.

Cervical Erosion Treatment in Lahore(2) KS therapy. A special band of photo-thermal therapy.

(3) Drug treatment. They are generally used for cervical erosion with less erosion and less inflammatory infiltration. Recommended reading: does cervix erosion affect pregnancy

  1. Surgical treatment. For patients with null and void physics and drugs, and the examination of cervical hypertrophy or suspected canceration, cervical resection or total hysterectomy can be considered.

BBT operation Technique for Cervical Erosion Treatment:

BBT surgery is a thin sweater as the RF line in self-coagulation knife in ultrasound dynamic observation and under the guidance of trans-vaginal cervical, accurate positioning of the cervical erosion area with radio frequency for the treatment of the source, using the thermal effects of electromagnetic waves, biological heat effect, so that the cervical erosion cell dehydration solidification. It is the nature of absorption and elimination, the cervix and uterus to restore normal function.

BBT surgery can instantly increase the local temperature of the lesion to about 80 degrees. BBT operation technology is a combination of traditional medical technology and advanced medical equipment. It not only treats diseases faster but also reduces the injury to the cervix. ZhongBa hospital is best for cervix cervical treatment in Lahore.


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